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About Me
I am Jacopo, and I am a backend developer from Italy. Since I was 4, I always loved experimenting with computers. In the past I worked on a lot of Telegram API and Discord API related projects, and I participated in many bug bounty programs.
Technologies I work with

Cybersecurity Research
In my free time, I like to investigate an internet service, explain myself it's inner workings, the technology behind it, and trying to find flaws in it. I took part in many bug bounty programs, and I'll definitively share my write-ups here whenever I have the confirmation to do so.
Bugs Reported 19
Bugs Pending 6
Bugs Accepted 8
updated weekly
Blog Articles

Some of my most important public projects. Check out all of them on My GitHub!
ShiSHTransfer - [source code]
File uploader on the Telegram messenger, with the feature of splitting files in parts to bypass limits.
Simple and fast file uploader that uses Telegram network as file storage. The project is owned and mainteined by @Pato05 since February 2020

Jacopo DP, 2021